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With over 6,500 square feet, we provide our members with cardio equipment, free weights and machines, boxing and kickboxing bags, full shower facilities, supplements, vending and kitchen area. Our facility is family friendly, offering programs for adults as well as children. We offer over 45 classes a week as well as personal training. Whether you are trying to lose weight, tone up, or just stay in shape, we have a program that will work for you. So, if you are tired of tedious, boring workouts, try out a free class or call to schedule a fitness evaluation with one of our personal trainers. We guarantee you will see and feel the results. Lose weight, feel great and be fit for life! >>>Read More
Cardio Boot Camp with Marshell Davis
6:00 am - 7:00 am
February 8, 2016
20, Jan 16

Closing due to inclement weather 1/22/15

Due to inclement weather and all schools closing, Kbx Gym will be closed today at 2:00pm Thank you and stay safe and warm.

11, Jan 16

Krav Maga Level 1 Test

We had an awesome group of guys testing. They done a wonderful job!

7, Dec 15

Great job Juan!!!

One more for the good guy’s! Great job Juan!!!

3, Dec 15

Joshua E. White visits KBX

Huge thank you to Joshua E. White for sharing his time and talent last night at KBX!

15, Nov 15

Member of the month

We are working on this area. Please check back!

23, Oct 15

Muay Thai Boxing Class is BACK!

KBX Muay Thai Boxing classes are back on the schedule!  Learn the best techniques from experienced Muay Thai Coach, Marshell Davis and improve your overall striking ability.  Students will learn proficiency with all strikes and implement skills into contact drills and sparring, all while getting a great conditioning workout! The curriculum will be based on…

10, Sep 15

Whole Life Challange

Sign up for the Whole Life Challenge today!

  • If you are taking a boxing or kickboxing class you need to have your own set of wraps. Wraps can be purchased at the facility for $10, or you can bring your own. Gloves will be provided during trial week.
Smart, strategic, sweaty. Every KBX Gym class is more than a great workout, it's an experience. All levels are welcome and challenged effectively.  I am really thankful for this gym.
Beth Bacall - Boot Camp