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The Best Workout in Georgia and the Best Deal in Georgia!!

Are your clothes too tight? Tired of crash dieting? Don’t like what you see in the mirror? Want to get rid of the ring around your midsection? Is life getting in the way or your health and fitness? Workouts not getting you the results you want? If you answered YES to ANY of these questions then KBX Gym’s Cardio Bootcamps are the answer to your fitness goals!

KBX Gym’s Bootcamps can help you to burn fat, tone your muscles and get the body you have always wanted. KBX Gym’s Bootcamp will give you the best workout in just an hour with a variety of the latest fat burning and toning exercises that will keep you moving and having fun. This is not your everyday workout routine! KBX Gym’s Bootcamp will keep you motivated with fresh new workouts on a regular basis.

Cardio Bootcamp:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 6am

Monday through Friday @9am

Mondays and Wednesdays @5:15pm

We do not cancel because of inclement weather or move to another location. It is held at our facility, rain or shine, cold or hot. We do go outside and conduct intensive exercises but we also enjoy indoor climate controlled luxury.

Other Bootcamp programs will cost you from 10 to 20 dollars per hour – our cost is around $2 per hour for the same participation level and our results have been amazing.
“What do we do?” No class is totally the same. We do push ups, squats, lunges, and intense ab work. We will incorporate sprints, short jogs, and a variety of sports-specific drills using cones, agility rings, ladders, hurdles, medicine balls, swiss balls, TRX trainers, jump ropes, resistance bands, dumbbells, kettle bells, and exercise games, just to name a few. Our boot camp will work the upper body, lower body, core strength, and improve cardiovascular fitness. We utilize  Read about our success stories at our website.

What to expect
You can expect a combination of plyometrics, agility and weight bearing exercises.
It is hard, you will sweat, you will need water – you will build muscle – you will lose fat and your conditioning will improve significantly.

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