Boxing is a combat sport where two fighters matched in weight engage in strikes only with the fists. Professional Boxers will fight a duration of 3 minute rounds with a 1 minute rest period anywhere from 4 to 10 rounds and 12 rounds for a title match. A boxing match can won several ways. One, by Knockout (KO), which occurs if the fighters is knocked down and unable to get up before the count of ten. Two, by Technical knockout (TKO), where the fighter is deemed too injured to continue. And lastly, if the fight is not stopped before the agreed number of rounds, the winner is determined by the judges decision on the score cards.
Fist fighting contests first appeared on ancient Sumerian, Egyption and Minoan wall art. The first historical records of boxing as a formal sport were provided by the ancient Greeks, who coded a formal set of rules.   Boxing first became a part of the olympics in 688 B.C. Modern boxing, or Western boxing, evolved in Europe, particularly in Great Britain.

Our cardio boxing classes give you all the benefits of the training that professional boxers use including footwork drills, punch combinations, and defensive skills.  You will learn all of the proper boxing techniques.  Not only will you learn the basic boxing (Jab, Cross, Hooks and Uppercuts), you will also learn defense to boxing techniques (blocking, slipping, weaving, etc.)  The trainers will work on your hand speed with the focus mitts, your footwork with the jump rope, and your punches and defense with several types of boxing bags. Each session also includes stretching as well as an abdominal workout to make it a full body boxing workout.. Every class gives you boxing instruction like no other, while getting you in the shape you have always wanted.

Cardio Boxing: TUESDAY/THURSDAY – 6:00pm

Boxing Fundamentals: MONDAYS – 7:00pm


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