Kickboxing refers to the use of western boxing techniques while also utilizing kicks to defeat an opponent. There are many styles of kickboxing such as Japanese kickboxing, American kickboxing (also referred to as Full Contact kickboxing), Burmese kickboxing, French savate and others originating from different countries. Kickboxing can often be confused with Muay Thai or Thai boxing which utilizes elbow and knee strikes as well as kicks below the waistline.  In the more common styles such as American or Full contact kickboxing, the competitor

Lissa in the ring at Wild Bill's Fight Night

Lissa in the ring at Wild Bill’s Fight Night

can utilize all boxing techniques and all kicking techniques, but kicks are only allowed above the waste.  International Rules kickboxing allows kicks to the legs, but no knees or elbows.  Full Muay Thai boxing utlizes all boxing and kickboxing techniques and fighters are also allowed to knee, elbow and clinch (grab their opponent around the neck) to knee, elbow, punch or kick.

Our cardio Kickboxing and Boxing classes are not only a great alternative to tedious, boring workouts, they also provide intense cardiovascular training. Each kickboxing and boxing class includes plyometrics, cardio, footwork drills, resistance exercises, stretching and ends with a varied abdominal workout. All kickboxing and boxing classes are taught by fighters themselves and instructed so that each individual can obtain excellent results no matter what his/her current fitness level is. Our kickboxing/boxing instructors utilize all styles of kickboxing, boxing and Muay Thai kickboxing to give students a well rounded workout and understanding of all techniques. Proper execution and form is taught for all techniques and styles so that each individual can obtain the most out of the kickboxing or boxing class challenging their minds as well as their bodies. In addition, the techniques used in these kickboxing and boxing classes provide increased foot speed, balance, core strength and coordination; the key elements of every major sport. The diversity of exercises, while combining resistance cardiovascular, interval and cross training are the keys to building lean muscle, burning fat, and staying in shape! Try it for yourself, and you will see, our kickboxing and boxing classes are the most intense classes you will find in and around Atlanta and the state of Georgia. Call today to schedule your free kickboxing class!

Cardio Kickboxing: MONDAY/WEDNESDAY/FRIDAY @ 12pm and 6pm, SATURDAY @ 9:30am
Kickboxing/300: TUESDAY/THURSDAY @7:00pm
Kickboxing Fundamentals: WEDNESDAY @ 7pm

We also have a boxing curriculum. Visit our boxing page for details.

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