Weapons Training

Hock Hocheim Stick and Knife

KBX gym is a official Hock Hochheim training facility.

Weapons are a reality.  With the understanding that real world violence is no joke or a scene in an action movie, KBX offers a comprehensive and integrated approach to the use of impact weapons such as knives and guns.  Training these techniques is just as important as learning how to throw a punch.  Our weapons program is integrated at all student levels, with a modern outlook, free from traditions and forms based upon societies from centuries ago.  The core ideaology is to never stop learning, to discard what does not work and know the difference between what is real and what is imaginary.  Self-defense is never a choice, and is more about accepting fear, controlling one’s adrenals and knowing who and what you must become to survive.  The weapons programs offer a controlled environment in which to explore the construct of violence with a host of different weapons. 


Bringing together battle tested movements from trench warfare, to the street tested police tactics of Hock Hoccheim, to the exciting world of W.E.K.A.F. full contact Filipino Stick fighting, the KBX weapons program is designed for the beginner to the well informed.


Our philosophy of education is that all students should learn basic life skills to help them have the ability to think and solve problems on their own.  Teachers should serve as a guide to give students the opportunity to explore.  Students need to learn how to interact in the world around  them.  Critical thinking and problem solving skills should be promoted in every class.  The students’ motivation will increase if they are taking responsibility of their own education.  We are all students and always will be.


Firearm Training

Our firearm program is presented by ex-military personnel with extensive firearm experience. The program will teach you firstly the basic operations of a firearm and safety procedures. We will train you how to operate and aim the weapon and will do live firing at a firing range to teach you how to fire your weapon. We have many weapons you could use or bring our own.


Krav Maga


Official Training Center


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